About Us

The Muslim Community Center (MCC) is a 501(c3) non-profit and a multi-purpose complex that serves the religious, social, educational and recreational needs of the Capital District.

Our purpose is to create and foster an individual and communal environment within which Islamic philosophies, thoughts, beliefs and values enrich the lives and inspire the wellbeing of the Muslim community and the greater community within which it is located. The MCC is guided by the principles and values of Islam and democracy. Furthermore, we strive to stimulate and encourage individualized and shared sense of responsibility and commitment to those principles and values.

Mission Statement

The mission of the MCC is to enhance quality of life by providing comprehensive programs based on Islamic values, traditions, heritage, and culture. The MCC aims to promote unity through these social, recreational, athletic, educational, and cultural programs. We also strive to meet individual and communal needs in a way that promotes Islamic values, and in turn nurtures, strengthens, enriches, and unites the Muslim community and our community as a whole.

MCC Policies

The following general guidelines will govern the use of the MCC:

  1. All functions and activities of the MCC shall be conducted in accordance with Islamic rulings and the status of the ICCD as a not-for-profit tax-exempt religious organization.
  2. The MCC is a multi-purpose complex and not a Musalla (i.e. prayer hall). The strict rules that apply to a Musalla shall not apply to the MCC except for when it is being used as a prayer hall. The Islamic rulings on functions held at the MCC shall accommodate the legitimate differences among the traditional four schools of thought (i.e. madhahib).
  3. The MCC shall serve the religious, social, educational, and recreational needs of the Muslim community of the Capital region. Activities at the MCC may include, but not limited to the following:
      1. a. Eid and Friday prayers.
      1. b. Dinners, iftars for private or ICCD use.
      1. c. Weddings, engagement, and Henna parties.
      1. d. Milad an Nabi (PBUH), birthdays, graduations, etc.
      1. e. Recreational use of the GYM facility
      1. f. Funeral related gatherings including meetings for support of the family, receiving condolences and reciting Qur’an (AKA Qur’an Khwani).
  4. Permissible functions and activities at the MCC, not arranged by the ICCD management shall not necessarily be considered as an endorsement by the ICCD.
  5. As stipulated in articles 1 and 2, the use of MCC shall not violate Islamic rules such as improper mixing (including mix dancing). Background music and live music such as the use of Duff for engagements, weddings and Eid shall be permitted according to Islamic law.
  6. Individuals and organizations other than the Muslim community may be granted permission to use any of the MCC facilities within the guidelines developed under this policy and based on stipulations established by the ICCD to ensure respect for Islamic values to maintain the integrity of the ICCD as an institution.

MCC By Laws

Please click here to download the MCC by Laws PDF Document.

Meet the Team

Susan Salamah


Zubairv Khan

Vice President

Isma Pervaiz


Monofer Usman


Jahveed Shirzad

BOD Member

Zainul Abidin Syed