The Muslim Community Center (MCC) is a non-profit (501c3) entity whose mission is to enhance quality of life by providing comprehensive programs based on Islamic values, traditions, heritage, and culture. The MCC aims to promote unity through these social, recreational, athletic, educational, and cultural programs.  In addition, the MCC strives to meet individual and communal needs in a way that promotes Islamic values, and in turn nurtures, strengthens, enriches, and unites the Muslim community and our community as a whole.


The purpose of the MCC is to create and foster an individual and communal environment within which Islamic philosophies, thoughts, beliefs and values enrich the lives and engender the wellbeing of the Muslim community and the greater community within which it is located. The MCC furthers its purpose through the development and implementation of programs, activities, and facilities addressing the recreational, educational, cultural, social and physical needs of its members and aforesaid communities. The MCC is guided by the principles and values of Islam and democracy. It strives to stimulate and encourage individualized and shared sense of responsibility and commitment to those principles and values.

Board of Directors

  • President: Zainul Abidin Syed
  • Vice-President: Liaquat Husain
  • Secretary: Isma Pervaiz
  • Treasurer: Laeeque Khan
  • ICCD Representative: Imran Siddiqui
  • ICCD Representative: M. Siddique Tai
  • Member: Nadeem Mann
  • Member: Sawsan Salamah
  • Member: Saleem Bhatti
  • Member: Anna Kupriyeva
  • Member: Muqeet Khan


Sohaib Chekima

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